She had spent week after week of late nights with her dance instructor learning the ‘ultimate dance routine’. No, but it was only week after week, yes, two weeks only!.. of intensive practice though. Several steps to learn…to think that it was only a 3-minute routine yet her 10 years of being a professional in the art still sold her short on this one.  Her trainer was an authority in the world of dance. He was very patient with her, through the learning process, persistent and thorough.  His thoroughness would not let any single poise be any less than what was scripted. But they had struggled with a 10 second movement in the full act that really should have been okay, given that no one in the audience would notice or care about it anyways – everyone else but her trainer – no, he will not let it slip. She had to go over it for hours and hours till she perfected it.

As she stood behind the curtains on the performance night, waiting for her act to be called, she was not concerned about the audience that night as much as she was concerned that she would do justice to the tireless investments her trainer had put into her. That’s all that mattered. The fact was that if she went up there and did something slightly different than what she taught, yes, no one will notice, but the truth would still remain that she would have let the trainer down. Among the thousands that were seated in the theater that night – only the approval of one mattered…

On the stage of our lives, the only way we can live with a consciousness of living for one is to learn to spend time in fellowship with the One to whom it would matter. Our lives are lived before many and it’s a no-brainer to give a false impression of who you are, heck, they might just get a wrong impression too. But no matter what you do let your life be an expression of what He has invested in you. This verse always  gets my attention,  “

For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works,which God prepared in advance for us to do (Ephesians 2:10).

Did anyone just see that?  – There is a dance-routine that has been prepared for us and we are the display of His work in teaching this to us. It should only make sense that His approval and opinion should matter the most.

As we get into the world out there, there are many people we would meet that would have different impressions of us, but none knows us like He does. No one knows what you’ve been through and how He is working in you but one thing is sure, if you would let Him and pay attention to His trainings, He would be all that would matter.

….she took her final poise to the end of the last music note, curtsied as the lights went off, curtains closed and the applaud. She got a glimpse from Him and He smiled. *Good Grief*…