So from last post I did make a promise to relate the meaning of Christ’s love the best way I can. I decided that I’d just share snippets from a movie I watched called ‘the book of Hosea’. It’s not really about the movie than it is about the imagery itself engraved in the experiences shared in the book… the experience of a prophet called Hosea…

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God told him to go marry a harlot. Yh, a prostitute. This lady’s name was Gomer; pretty looking and all but her eye was not in one place (that was supposed to have a Nigerian accent emphasis, lol). Hosea was hardworking working clay pots for a living but Gomer wanted to live the flamboyant life so she would go the market place to feed her eyes on all the beautiful jewelry hoping that a charming passersby would purchase one for her. She would cheat on her husband, giving lies every day of why she was arriving at odd hours of the night. And she had kids too o. (Please note my narration is based of off the movie interpretation; a lot of this can be insinuated from the scripture passage). As you would imagine Prophet Hosea knew all along but this was the amazing part… Our aunty Gomer had a bad situation with one of her ‘clients’ with influence who sentenced her to be sold as a slave. She was out for bidding  in the market place. Bidding prices were in our terms, say 20 dollars ish…not much, some people were bidding to take for their bicycle, their ‘keke napep’, their iPhone 4S maybe. And then Hosea shows up on the scene and he is offering to get her back for all the prices that were formerly mentioned plus all of his life savings.

Crazy if you ask me. But that is the kind of love that God has extended to us in Christ. God is love and irrespective of how man had been severed from fellowship with Him because of their sinful nature, He still reached out with His very best, with the endowment of Himself in Christ. Jesus did not come to form a new religion. He did not die a martyr. He died as a sacrifice. He was raised back to life so that we can come to a life of fellowship with God. A life where we experience His love for ourselves.

The love of Christ is not some theory cooked up somewhere. It is real and experiencial. It is the reality of the one who has come into a vital relationship with God through Jesus.

If you are interested in seeing the movie ‘Amazing Love’, you could check it out on this link here. 

Next week’s posts would be featuring live personal stories of people who have experienced the Love of Jesus in their lives. This thing is real people and it is worth living and dying for? I’m excited to share stories and especially mine at some point. Because, hey! that’s the reason I can’t be quiet about it. It’s real bee!

Well, until then have a blessed weekend. Oh and tomorrow’s post is going to have some funny stories that happened this week; talk about the most planned out prank ever! I don’t like to admit that I am that gullible. *covers face*.

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