It’s amazing how time flies! Only yesterday I was in my mother’s arms (Like she would say, not like I remember), I had taken my first steps while she tricked me into believing I could walk by making me hold on to the long side of a hanger while I got carried away dancing to my favorite track at the time(a story she has recounted to me severally). Only a few minutes ago I had begun my Bachelors Degree, in split seconds it was over. Then the reality of life hit as I tried to figure out what to do with my life. It was only the moment that just passed that I was saying ‘Happy New Year- 2017’ and now the year is rounding up.

I have exaggerated the timelines for a reason. Imagine your entire life was paralleled to 24 hours. So that would mean the equivalent of one year of your life if you were to live a 100 years old, would be 14.4 minutes and a day would be equivalent to approximately 3 seconds(Doing the math was fun, you could crosscheck and let me know of errors if you care). The point of this is for you to appreciate how every moment of your life must count and moreso be relished.

I grew up hearing my Dad always frequently say the phrase – ‘The brevity of life’. Especially on birthdays; he would always have this speech that concluded with that phrase. A real understanding of this only just recently dawned on me although my response is on a different frequency. I remember everyone in the house just moan about how my Dad would start announcing that the New Year will soon finish on the first day of the year. It used to upset you so much; lol. In my mind I am like “Can we please just enjoy the moment”. I understand where my Dad might be coming from but at the same time, I think it is of more value to appreciate each stage of our life as it gradually unfolds.

We live in days where it’s so easy to be caught up in planning for the future, constantly looking up the next phase of our lives – the mum is looking forward to her toddler walking so that she could stop carrying him around, the girl is looking forward to go to University so she can finally be free from her parent’s close watch, the young man just cannot wait to finally get a job having finished his degree 4 months ago, the single girl can’t wait to get hitched, the hitched are longing to get married. As much as I’m not condemning the fact of looking forward to having an expectation about the future, I think we need to constantly catch ourselves and learn to just take the current phase of our life all in….relish the moment.

There is a time you would look back on your life and smile at the things you learned, the mistakes you might have made and challenges that brought you to where you are; don’t take this moment of your life for granted. Cherish every single moment, the great and the not-so great alike. This simple act could make the journey much more beautiful than you could have ever imagined. Enjoy your journey, enjoy the scenery, the mountains, the valleys, the trees, don’t get caught up only with where you are going. Enjoy your journey. Take it all in. Relish this very moment.


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