About a year ago while doing my *service year in Nigeria, as a proper 9ja ‘geh’ you know, completely ignoring the sensitivity of my belly (acquired from years of being away), I reached out for the popular street snack – Gala is what it’s called. I was coming from **CDS; I had barely gotten anything to eat and for whatever reason Gala looked like the most ‘jamboree’ thing, as you would imagine, by the name. The first bite and I’m like “Hmmmm, not bad”.

Before you go off thinking that this is a post sponsored by Gala for adverts, I was seated in the bus, a good 20 minutes left to get home when I realized that my bowels were having a gala(sorry for that dry joke). I immediately began to detest the act of eating. The novel I was trying to read earlier was of no interest to me. A friend hopped on into the bus a few minutes later and I was just not myself – throwing in plastic smiles at casual pleasantries, my mind not following anything she was trying to tell me about her day, awkward laughs in places – it was horrifying! How majestic my room toilet looked right now, actually, any toilet! She finally got off and I was so glad to spare her my insincerity. At this point, I was making frequent tosses enough to draw attention to myself, trying to find a comfortable position to ensure my bowels did not decide to throw a party. “Ikota School!” that was my stop! The Lagos bus conductor’s job never appeared so grand! ….Few minutes later, on my ‘majestic chair’ I was laughing at the whole event, the relief, how beautiful the feeling.

I’m sure we can all relate to a similar event at least once in our lives. I shared my story because I have figured that a life that is not liberated is similar to one that is pestered by unsettled bowels(0-100, I know). Yes, it’s just as dramatic. The human spirit is one that has been programmed to be at the best state of transcendent peace when it functions by love. Think of the last person that really truly upset you and how bitterness, if you let it thrive, set the wrong atmosphere over your life. The power to liberate yourself is in your ability to love beyond hurts and bitterness!

There are several other ways of ‘restlessness’ we can entangle ourselves with, and I will go into more details in tomorrow’s post. But the key message from today’s is this, the power to liberate yourself is in your willingness to be overwhelmed by the love of God!

You can share your troubled bowel series if you care to; they are usually very memorable; lol…comments are welcome; (instagram:@i__b__k)


*Service Year – In Nigeria, graduates are usually required to do a year of national service where they work for a year at a determined place of deployment.

**CDS – Community Development Service – a weekly activity that occurs once a week during the national service year where you give back to community.