What was life like before you were born again? More specifically, what was your view point on life like? i.e people, yourself etc.

I was born into a Muslim home. My dad is very religious and Islam very serious even though my mom wasn’t too serious about it. But my dad made sure we all went to mosque. But even while going to mosque just like my dad made sure we all did, I still never get the religion, I didn’t have any purpose we only saw things in black and white. I was always moved by physical things, always got at even the smallest things, hold grudges, cause that was all life was about.


What was the deal breaker for you to make the decision receive Christ into your life?

So in my family we all went to boarding school as kids. Even though my dad is religious he was ok with us going to catholic school (ironic right). The deal breaker for me was wen I was in grade 9 ( in Nigeria it was SSS1). My best friend then was a Christian, we had always do things together, even though I was always putting more effort in whatever I did, there was always something special in whatever she did, so I asked her one day why this was happening and she replied God’s grace which I kept trying to understand what she meant by that. Around same time some issue was going on at home and my maths teacher then was trying to lead me to Christ. In my mind I was like ok let’s give this a try and see what would happen. My maths teacher lead me to Christ remember the only reason why I had let her then was to see if God could fix was going home at home. And I was amazed what happened at what happened after, things changed for the best. My friends kept asking what happened to me, my families did as well. But deep down I knew the grace of God my friend was talking about now dwells on the inside of me. My life never remained the same.

….and that marks the end of the 21-day blog series. Over this time period I’ve learnt so much and one of which is that nothing can stop a determined mind; second, consistency really helps build some muscle….before this sprees over to being another post, it’s goodbyes from here… till next week.

PS: My birthday was amazing! Thanks to every single one who sent birthday greetings short and sweets and epistles alike. I love you all so much!