Today’s post captures very key turning points of a young man’s life (I’m sure he would be happy that I referred to him as that). But this is that one person with whom I have bonded over, on so many things. From profession to walk with God, to visions and dreams. There is a demeanour I admire about him, and as you read along you would understand what that is about…

Q1: What was life like before you were born again? More specifically, what was your view point on life like? i.e people, yourself etc.

 I was a regular lad born into a Christian home and living under strict Christian tenets. I always wondered why the most enticing things then were the things we were always warned against doing. I craved to be free and without a need to live a restrictive life. Sometimes I wondered why I was even born and had to live under certain rules or risk spending eternity in hell. These were too much for me accept. While I lived in fear of eternity, I yet found pockets of opportunities to indulge in almost every juvenile delinquency practicable then.

Q2: What was the deal breaker for you to make the decision receive Christ into your life?

A moment came in my life when I began asking myself and God real questions. It was after I lost my mum. I drifted into free thinking and tried different faiths – Buddhism, Islam, even some sort of occultism. These didn’t provide the deep answers I earnestly sought after. Then I stumbled upon Rick Warren’s book – ‘The Purpose Driven Life’. The 40-day reading period was my turning point. I came across a question that sparked the flame in me “are you a Christian by chance or by choice”?  Answering this question by deciding to be Christian by choice, helped me understand why so many Christians don’t enjoy the full benefits of a Christ like life. 

Q3: How did that change when you became born again?

The primary thing I learnt when I became born again is that; God does not alter the garment of righteousness to fit a man, He alters the man instead. This was my point of total surrender. I used to trust a lot in my abilities and I used to like to be able to control everything in my life (of course in futility), but I discovered that burdens, no matter how mighty, are lifted at Calvary. From that point onwards, my life became a testimony. Ordinarily, I would have waved them off as coincidences, but these ‘coincidences’ only started happening after my surrender. My fears vanished and I could for once truly look forward to eternity.

Q4: What is the most exciting thing about your relationship with God?

The realness of God and His faithfulness in my relationship with Him never cease to excite and thrill me. An unforgettable memory of this really exciting relationship with God happened during a personal early morning fellowship with God. I was so lost in worship so much so that I could feel the palpable presence of God’s Spirit all around me. Later that morning, during our family devotion, my dad and sister kept saying there was something absolutely radiant about me that morning – the glory of God upon me was too obvious just like it was upon Moses after he met with God.

Q5: Can you give a short account of a particular incident that was evidence of your vital relationship with God or your coming into a new life in Christ?

Difficult to choose as there’ve been numerous. I’ve run into armed robbers operating on the highway, they stole from and brutalised practically everyone on the bus except me. I’ve been selected for a competitive position by industry professionals (who didn’t know me) by mere looking at me and asking my name. Lines have fallen for me in very many pleasant places I couldn’t have been able to pull together all by myself. I have successfully walked paths others more talented and qualified than myself walked and failed. All these and many more have been by the faithfulness, grace, love and mercies of God.

Maybe you are wondering about your faith in God. What really does it mean to you? Has it yet evolved from a thing of chance to a conviction of choice. Until this happens it may never have the impact as it should in your life. You can make that choice today by accepting the gift of a new life in Christ.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s featured story…blessings!