Today’s post features the story of a very dear friend of mine. Our paths crossed in our journey to discovering who God is and the meaning of having a relationship with Him. Our friendship or should I say, sisterhood has thrived ever since. These are snippets of her story guided by questions:

What was life like before you were born again? More specifically, what was your view point on life like? i.e people, yourself etc.

My life was just there, pretty random I guess lol. I just got to Canada and I was ready to do everything that I felt like my parents had “restricted” me from doing. I came with a plan of going wild but keeping my grades up so they don’t have a say… Yeah, I was pretty stupid and I thought I was smart kmt…

What was the deal breaker for you to make the decision receive Christ into your life?

The deal breaker was when I came to a point where I realised that GOD was the only trust worthy person.

I lost someone who was like a sister to me and I shared it with the person who was supposed to be the most important person in my life at that time. This person pushed off my pain to the side and wanted us to focus on something that was really minute in comparison. This reaction was very painful and they just made me take some time to think. The conclusion I came to was that I needed GOD, HE was the only trust worthy person and from there, I decided to give my life to CHRIST.

What is the most exciting thing about your relationship with God?

The most exciting thing about my relationship with GOD is the way it evolves. I get to a point where I know GOD or HE does something for me and I’m like “YOOOOOOOOO GOD just blew my mind, HE is too on point” and then after that, HE does something else and it just blows the previous thing HE did or the previous revelation of HIM out of the park. GOD is really THE BOMB! 

If I may borrow Sinach’s words “When I thought that HE had done too much, JESUS did it again”

I wonder if you are able to relate to a disappointment from a person you trusted so much. Discovering and developing a vital relationship with God could turn all of that around because though they might disappoint, you can count on His love for you.

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