You stood before the judge with sweaty palms as a bead of sweat rolled down from your forehead and straight into your mouth. Salty. You wanted to spit it right out, but at this point, it had consumed your taste buds. From the sweat, from the tears…this whole thing does not make sense. I mean yes, I did commit murder a few years back. But really, so much has happened after that. For one, I have given so much to charity, I’m a kind neighbor and nothing dramatic has really happened after that crazy event. In fact, it was a mistake, I did not mean to do it. I didn’t see him coming, I was slightly distracted, and there he was on the floor, in the pool of blood. I had to run, I couldn’t stand the sight. But here I am now, standing in front of this Judge like this is the end of my race, of the chase. Can somebody grab me a glass of water?!

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The judge knew everything well. I could tell from his eyes that if he could talk to me in private it would be to let me know that he just had to deliver justice. It was his job, his integrity, his character. What kind of judge would he be anyway if he let me go? Yes, I could sense his empathy. But his eyes, his eyes were that of justice, yet filled with love. His voice stated I pleaded guilty but the look he gave me, was sort of like, like….he had a plan. However, this was the voice and verdict of justice. I saw the other convicted ones lined up in front of me, as they gave a returning glance of pity as though they could take my place; they and I both knew there was nothing they could do about it. I was now one of them. Hadn’t I always been? I was only now just being served what I deserved.

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It was at the very moment where I had accepted my fate, that I heard the most piercing voice. A voice that sounded much like the Judge’s but as though the love in his eyes was now poured out over justice, like water over ice. It was soothing. His words didn’t matter as much as the sound of his voice. I knew exactly what this meant. *gasps* The judge did have a plan. What?! Nothing could adequately express the way I felt at this moment. My eyes sought for the source of this sudden burden-lifter. Wait, did he just say, what I just heard?! As though he could hear the voice of my mind. The words were echoed again, “I would serve their sentence; I would, I would *sighs* take their place”. I stared at the Judge as if to say did you hear that?! He had a smile. Wait, what does this all mean; can someone explain this to me? ….

It took someone without any record of wrong, it took someone with an understanding of justice to take the place of every single one convicted in the room that day. There was a debt that needed to be paid, and it took someone without any debt to pay. From the standpoint of the one whom I owe, in this case, was justice, my account is debt-free. Yes, somebody else paid…but they paid for me. So that makes me… debt-free!

Hey! Someone did that for you. Your natural human nature was born into a debt…was born into sin. A state that would keep you from living life to the fullest. But the judge (God) sent Jesus to take your place of condemnation. He was the perfect sacrifice. Nobody else in the world could do this because they are all convicted with the same debt. It took someone from the Judge Himself, who was not only free of convictions, but also the expression of Justice.

Over 10,000 years ago he walked the face of this earth. With one purpose and one goal – to become the payment for the sins of the world. He did. But it didn’t just stop there. He rose again on the third day so that you can be brought into a newness of life. So that you could be brought into the God-class (see yesterday’s post here, to have a better understanding of this). He came so that you can be born again.

So what happens from here? If someone did that already, why is the world in chaos? Doesn’t that mean that we are automatically all debt-free. What do I need to do to tap into this? Posts from the next few days will be dealing with these questions….so stay tuned!

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PS: If you are interested in seeing references from the Bible from which this illustration was culled, see (Romans 3:23-24, 2 Corinthians 5:19 and John 3:16).