WhatsApp Image 2017-10-21 at 10.21.05 PMYup! That was what I get for being victim of the ‘nose game’. An ugly-headed, angry-faced dead fried fish. K & A thought it was hilarious. They had ordered ‘this surprise’. Big deal- fish head, we eat it all the time in Nigeria. But definitely not ones that are this angry looking. That came before like two more slabs of sushi at which point I was already ‘over-gauge’ on my full-o-meter. Sushi and crab legs were the delicacies of the Chinese-buffet outing. Little did I know that the whole outing was a set-up. The crab legs most especially (you’d understand why when you listen to the link). So this MSK engineering duo of the J & M team think the fish head thing didn’t get the reaction they’d desired, so they set this (click download even if it says it cannot process video, it’s an audio file) up and I have to admit they did a good job! Oh you should totally hit the link and you’d be glad you did!

But back to the sushi night, after the full-o-meter was over gauging, there was still a reserve tank for a whole bowl of a mixed variety of iced cream and oreos. I absolutely love deserts by the way and what amazes me the most is how I am never too full for desserts. (Partly why I felt bad when i was being accused on my mystery call, lol).

There is something about having an appetite for something. I’m sure we could all relate to having a particular craving for a type of food. Or suddenly just feeling hungry from watching some food advert or just plain watching someone eat. The one thing common to these is how that there is something that appeals to our senses to want to desire that meal.

Our apetite for the things of God in our life needs to be stirred up for us to have a progressive relationship with God. The influence and power of God that you experience in your life cannot go beyond your desire for Him. God is only able to work with our desire for Him in our lives. There has to be a craving; one that needs to be stirred up even though it might not come ‘natural’ to us.

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There needs to be a longing for God in our lives. It is one of the things you must always keep active in your walk with God. It’s so easy to be complacent in our relationship with God especially when there are no particular challenges and we seem to be on ‘cruise-control’. But we need to develop a habit of watering our appetites for our desire of Him…much like my desert cravings after a heavy meal.

Watering your appetites could include stirring up your spirit with songs of worship, surrounding yourself with people who have a similar desire for God, meditating on His love for you, listening to a faith-building message. For me I find that it really takes nothing to stir that desire once I can stay my mind on how much He loves me. That appetite has been placed in you once you are ‘born-again’ and all it needs is to be stirred-up, to be watered.

For those who might be wondering about what being ‘born-again’ might mean, I’d be focusing on tomorrow’s post so…stay tuned!

Yo! And tell me what you thought of the recording….was I just being too gullible? I could secretly share on how they were able to successfully pull off such if you care to know, lol.