“I must be consistent in my character, the integrity of my love must not be changed by unkind words and actions…two wrongs don’t make a right” –  I repeated these words over and over to myself like I needed it to explode in my spirit and dissuade me from doing what I really wanted it to do.

At the same time as I was trying to focus on my voice in repetition, I still couldn’t get past how such a person that I loved so dearly could utter such hurtful words. My pride was insulted, my ego was spat on. But here I was vulnerable to the love of Christ restraining me to give this being a piece of my mind wrapped up in my text message draft. On the 50 something’th time I had repeated the phrase, my fingers quivered as my thumb pressed on the delete button and warm tears rolled down my cheeks. Those words had exploded and the victory had been won.

The tears burst into loud cries of intimate words to the lover of my soul as I could suddenly sense His presence so strong in my spirit. I found myself interceding with groans of prayer for this person. Sincerely, I did not understand why but in about 30 minutes I felt like a burden lifted off of my shoulders. It was the most amazing feeling.

Two weeks later and this same person was recounting how that they were contemplating suicide. Two failed attempts until the Holy Spirit intervened by word of knowledge during a church service. I was just watching this person’s lips as I was dazed in awe of what could have transcended if I had reacted accordingly. I was speechless to say the least, I wasn’t even sure how to explain to this person what I had experienced. There was no reason to fully recount I’d thought. They had in fact, immensely apologized and expressed wonder on why I did not react…

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Love is like a muscle that is exercised when faced with ‘hateful’ situations as you might call it. It could seem difficult at first, but only when you maintain your composure in love, can it begin to form your character. Your spirit has been given the ability to love, moreso if you have accepted and experienced the love of God through Christ, your ability to love is on a higher realm. A realm of consistent love even when not shown in return; your reason to love is bound in Christ.

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And hope maketh not ashamed; because the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost which is given unto us.

So next time you feel like lashing back ‘justifyingly’; next time you want to make it hurt just like it hurts, remember it is the time to build up that love muscle.

If you are wondering about the love of Christ, what it means and how you could experience it? The post tomorrow would focus on this and explaining it in the way I can most relate it. In the meantime, stay tuned and I’d love to hear from you!


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