Yh, so I am turning 24 in a few weeks and I can’t believe I still have a missing molar that is thriving to come out. I was reading up on it yesterday and they said it usually occurs up to early twenties….oh how I love the sound of that! – early twenties.

I was beginning to wonder why these molars that count as added discomfort to a young adolescent is tagged with such a prestigious adjective – wisdom! Whatever the case, I’m glad to reckon with the fact that I am getting wiser everyday. Moreso with the responsibilities and joys of adulthood. Somewhere over the horizon, maybe a bit closer than that I can see a family – being a wife, a mother, a CEO, an author, an inspirational speaker – what am I investing in myself now that would keep me prepared? Am I training myself in the wisdom of God’s Word? – A wisdom whose source and foundation is love?

As much as I know that many people are at different stages in their life at 24 – some may already be wives, mothers, CEOs or students – one thing is crucial and that is being able to make use of our experiences in adapting ourselves to be wiser still. Heck it might be a painful process – where you have to put aside your ego to take on a new learning. Most of all, I know it’d be worth it. In the mean time, I just need to figure out what to do to enjoy my meals without excruciating pain – seeing a dentist this week is definitely on my list of to-dos…which brings me to tomorrow’s blog post – ‘Does a checklist always get the work done?’…

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