Scrolling down the instagram timeline…it’s easy to feel so lost in the crowd sometimes. Sounded like a good way to start a blog that I have no idea of a title yet but sure it will come as I yield to this flow.

There’s so much crisis social media may have created in terms self-identity. It’s so easy to find ourselves trying to measure up or compare ourselves in some way to a picturesque world that someone tried so hard to paint. The reality still remains to stay true to you and be less concerned about impressions that only stand in the social media world.

The world of social media has created a conflict of opportunities. On one hand, it’s a platform to put up a counterfeit version of your reality to the world, on the other hand, a powerful tool to express your visions, thoughts and inspirations. I have personally been so impacted by countless posts I have seen on my feed. Perhaps, particularly because I choose what goes on there; so that yes, when sometimes I find myself in my millenial element of getting lost in the social media world, it’s mostly positive energy vibes that emmanate.

I’m sure we can all relate to that urge to find out how many people liked our posts, who did, or didn’t. I find that as the most annoying feeling ever. Sometimes I just want to liberate myself from that desire to be validated by post likes or views. Can we come to a place where that was not a curiosity? Does anybody see how unhealthy to our self-identity this could be?…. or is it just me?

Anyways, as much as how crazy social media can be, I choose to harness and build upon its positivity. I choose to create a world where I am completely satisfied by the sole reason of being able to express the treasures of my personality for someone out there to be impacted by – whether or not I get the double taps…and so I think a good title of this blog should be *drumrolls* nope? – ‘The advantages of Social Media – good title or nah?’ -okay, that took like 3 minutes – I like it because it also portrays that quest for validation. I don’t know about what you think, but I think it’s a great title and I’m happy with that! 🙂